Guerrilla Medicine.

The Project

Establishment of an organization

We founded the non-profit, non-governmental organization Guerrilla Medicine Europe (hereinafter referred to as GME) due to our autonomy and professionalism in the implementation of projects in areas affected by war conflict (especially Ukraine and the Middle East). Previously, we provided our activities under the auspices of other humanitarian organizations.


We are two professional health professionals with many years of experience in providing pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care (Emergency Medical Service, Emergency Department including Pediatric, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation care).Activity

Our activity consists of three pillars.

1. Provision of specific pre-hospital care in high-risk conditions at Role 1 level (establishment and provision of Casualty Collection Point, provision of so-called Prolonged Casualty Care, Medevac, etc.)

2. Consultancy for local health care providers in the area of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (hereinafter referred to as TCCC), Prolonged Casualty Care, Walking Blood Bank. Implementation of specific procedures into practice in combat areas.

3. Mentoring activity. Training of local health professionals in TCCC, Prolonged Casualty Care, Walking Blood Bank, Point of Care Ultrasound, etc.



The Authors and Instructors

of this Project are guys with many years of experience in the armed forces and medical services. Both have experience in war zones, counter-terrorist operations and operations under cover in hostile environments. This Project therefore offers evidence based medicine hand in hand with tactical skills from professionals who have experience from a real world!


For 2023, we are now starting to create a list of volunteers for activities in Ukraine and other countries affected by war or other disasters. This is mainly about mentoring and provision of pre-hospital emergency care for Role 1 (CCP).For the medical part of the team we are looking for Paramedics, ER/ICU/Nurses, ER, Docs, ideally with experience in the armed forces or NGO, but it is not a condition. Knowledge of TCCC procedures essential! For the technical-security part of the team, we are looking for volunteers with experience in Fire and Rescue and/or Law enforcement, Armed Forces, NGO etc.

If you are interested in the offer, please send your professional CV to our email.


Project FAST (Field Administrated Solution of TXA)

This is a new project of Guerrilla Medicine Europe and Project Fenix in Ukraine. Following the specifics of this war, the goal of the project is to get the initial dose of TXA to the wounded as soon as possible (ideally within 30 minutes of injury).

TCCC Curriculum Pre-deployment Course

In January, a TCCC curriculum course was held for colleagues who work in Ukraine, either as volunteers or Medics, but also for War reporters. Due to previous experience (all students and instructors work regularly in Ukraine) and students' theoretical knowledge, we focused on advanced skills and techniques.



Lession learned from Battlefield

Ladies, gentlemen, colleagues,

allow me to welcome you to this humble publication. This book was created primarily as a support text for the PCC/Guerrilla Medicine course for SOF of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, we felt the need for such literature for a long time, the war in Ukraine only accelerated everything (unfortunately). Field Protocols are based strictly on evidence based medicine and our experience with the implementation of GL TCCC, ACLS, PALS, ATLS in our daily practice, whether in the trauma center, in the operating room, anesthesia, in pre-hospital care or in war conflicts. Know that we have written this book with the best of conscience and with the aim of bringing medics in the field an effective aid in case they have to remain with their patients in the field without the possibility of rapid evacuation. So that their patients get a chance to live even in these very difficult situations! God bless you all!

In the book you will find a number of protocols, scoring tools and tables.


PFC/PCC Essentials

Here are a key skills of a Medic in prolonged Care

Point of Care UltraSound

A little probe you have with you in field can save a lot of lives! In the last ten years, Emergency Ultrasound has traveled thousands of miles, as medically ( different protocols for examinations) perhaps absolutely everything from diagnostics to life saving interventions. So technically for these days POCUS is the stethoscope for modern healthcare professionals!


Walking Blood Bank/Vampire Protocol

Back to the future! We had to want fifty years for a great comeback of whole blood. Thanks to evidence based medicine, today we can again use whole blood from walking donors directly on the battlefield with a clear conscience!


Field Labs

Today, We already have available a whole range of options for examining a patient in the field. In addition to imaging methods and physical examination, there are also laboratory methods of examination that you basically put in your pocket. It is very useful to examine the lactate level, especially in patients at risk from the shock. We are also able to distinguish a viral infection from a bacterial one and identify.Blood - borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis, which is important for blood transfusion, etc.

PFC/PCC Essentials

Here are a key skills of a Medic in prolonged Care

Special Pharmacology

Ketamin lead the way! But in prolonged care We need little bit more. We must be able to perform general anesthesia as well as local anesthesia. Fight sepsis, nausea. Overcome Cushing's syndrome. Ensure medicinal support of blood circulation, administer antidotes, stop anaphylaxis...


Advanced Airway Management

God bless NPA. For primary survey it is very useful tool. However, if we are faced with the problem of ensuring the patency of the respiratory tract in a wounded person with a devastated face, an injured neck or inhalation trauma, we must proceed to Advanced Airway ASAP. This also applies to long-term artificial ventilation. In real life, however, performing a coniotomy or endotracheal intubation does not go nearly so smoothly!


Surgical skills

Basic surgical skills are critical for prolonged Care in hostile Area. Chest drainage, toilet and suture of wounds as well as field escharectomy or amputation…….


Circulation Walking blood bank Blood Pfc Pawper Atom Medevac Io



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